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Graphic Design Portfolio

Graphic Design Portfolio

Up and coming designers often approach me asking for work.  My response is always the same.  "Why don't you send me your portfolio and when I have a project that will fit you, I'll reach out to you."  It seems (to me anyway) like a simple and reasonable request.  If I'm going to hire you for a job I need to know that a) you will follow through with what I've asked you to do and b) you have an eye for good design.  The thing is these up and coming designers never bring me their portfolio.  I think it's because they don't have one.  Though you may not be a designer, here are a few tips on creating a good portfolio.


Congratulations to Kristen!

Kristen Stevens

I'm not really a very sentimental guy, so I don't remember the date or even how many years ago it was that Kristen Stevens started working for me as an intern.  Oh, wait, I made her blog about it!  Hang one it was ... June 2011.  We'll, here we are 5 years later, and Kristen has come a long way.  She is absolutely the best person I could have working for me.

Her work is always done well and timely.  Her demeanor is always pleasant and professional.  She knows how to say "Yes, Sir" as well as how to put me in my place.  She is loved by every client and appreciated by me.  She has an instinctive eye for design, and somehow she actual understands me when I say, "We need to do the thing where it does the thing on top of the other thing."

Last year Kristen got married (to her perfect counterpart who lovers her dearly).  She has continued to work well, be actively involved in both church and community, and continued to go to school. This past semester she took 18 hours (at a school that is not in town), and her work suffered none.  Did she just phone it in with the school stuff?

No, her work there too has been outstanding.

It is with great pleasure that I tell you that today Kristen graduates with her Bachelor's Degree.

I am looking forward to her being in the office more, but mostly I am just impressed.

Well done, Kristen!

Farewell, IE 8, 9 & 10!

Farewell, IE 8, 9, & 10!

In case you weren't aware, Microsoft is officially leaving Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 in the dust on January, 12th. Parts of the world may be mourning, but we couldn't be more delighted! If you happen to adore Internet Explorer, not to fear, IE 11 is still here, but they are simply ceasing their support for the earlier versions of Internet Explorer. IE 8, 9 and 10 have unfortunately lagged behind in the race of developments for years, and we think it's wise of Windows to stop providing support for these browsers. Many great, helpful functions for new websites are often not supported by these older versions of IE. Here's a humorous illustration of how Internet Explorer typically compares to it's competitors: