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Social Media & The Holidays

The Holiday Season is upon us yet again! How will your business spread the cheer this year? It's no doubt that people often post holiday-related topics on popular Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you're on Facebook, it is very likely you have seen friend's posts for each day of November telling something they are thankful for. Maybe you are even participating in this as well. Although some people may have mixed feelings about these day-to-day posts, the posts are definitely a way to acknowledge the season of Thanksgiving. I personally like posts that are related to Thanksgiving, because so many people tend to skip the holiday all together. You may not have something that your business is thankful for every day, but you can find other ways to participate in the holidays. Here are some ideas:


Almost all businesses decorate their storefronts for Christmas, but why not other holidays too? Thanksgiving is a great opportunity because you can simultaneously decorate for the fall season. Just toss around some colorful leaf garland and you're set! You can do the same thing using Social Media. 

The Facebook cover photo is a great place for this. Although I wasn't wild about the cover photo at first, I do think it can be used as an environment setter- and a good place to decorate! You could find a nice, generic festive photo to download or ask a graphic designer to make something specifically for your business. 

Whatever you decide on, it's a good idea to treat this as an advertisement. It would be beneficial to have a blurb about your business and the holiday along with your logo. Think of your cover photo as an extension of your office, and decorate away!


  • Products: Do you have any new products that happen to be coming out near the holiday? Post pictures of it and mention the product will be available this {insert holiday here}!
  • Questions: You can also engage with your potential clients by posting questions for people to answer. An example post could be: "What do you love most about Thanksgiving?" or "What is your favorite Christmas memory?" This gives people an opportunity to reflect on the holiday and to see your business as thoughtful and caring. Win, win! 

Hold Contests

If you're feeling really festive, you could even hold a contest to give away a product or a holiday-related item. This could be a decorated wreath or even a door hanger (they're all the rage). There's plenty of shops that carry these items and you can find some for every holiday or season! A good place to look is on Etsy, an online marketplace that has TONS of handmade items. This is a fun way to engage with clients and increase exposure for your business. 

Here's a quick break-down of Social Media contests:

  • Facebook Contests: Most contests on Facebook require people to "Like" the business page, Comment on the post, and Share the post to others in order to enter the contest. Then, the business announces the winner and arranges a time for the potential client to retrieve the item. 
  • Twitter Contests: Usually Twitter contests require people to re-tweet a business's tweet to enter the contest. There are two routes you can take for choosing a winner. The person who re-tweets the most can win or the business chooses a winner from the people who have re-tweeted. It's all up to you, just make sure to announce how the winner is chosen.
  • Instagram Contests: Instagram contests usually ask people to Re-post their photo or to take a screen shot of the image and post that. It also requires that you tag the business in your comment and occasionally promps the contestant to answer a question. Then, a winner is selected and announced. 

Engaging with your potential clients through Social Media helps to generate traffic back to your website and increases Search Engine Optimization! The good news is, there are lots of different ways for your business to engage with clients. Don't let the opportunity to engage by spreading holiday cheer pass your business by!