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There's a very important principle that holds true across a wide array of industries.  What you want isn't necessarily what you need.  It's true for your customers, and it's true for you too.  Look at your kids.  They have no clue what they need.  A lot of times they don't even know what they want.  If you always gave them what they wanted, it would be a travesty.  You would be doing them a disservice, and you would end up penniless.  Plus, they would likely end up acting like Veruca Salt.  If, instead, you always gave them what they needed you would be truly serving them.  They may not appreciate it very much.  You wouldn't win Parent of the Year or anything, but they would always come to you for what they needed as well as what they wanted.  Plus, they would respect you.  The same is true with websites.  Your website shouldn't avoid giving your clients what they want, but it should focus on giving your clients what they need.  They want information about your company, and you should give them that, but ...

Your clients need education about the industry as a whole, and providing that should be the focus of your website.

Why Companies Want (but shouldn't have) Purely Informational Sites

  • It's less work. Another word for less-work is Static.  Purely informational sites are static; they only change when your business undergoes major changes.  This is a fast paced, ever changing world and static websites get left in the digital dust.
  • It's less expensive. By limiting the information that you are conveying, you diminish the number of pages that you need thus dropping the price, but you kill your return on investment.  By eliminating the Blog page you save $X, but you lose the opportunity for $X to make you more money every time you would update a post.
  • Our clients aren't online that much. Let me be the first to say that if you don't think your website will make your business money, then don't get a website.  But, if you DO think it will make your business money it MUST be because your clients, potential clients or target audience IS online.

The Simple Truth

Invest in that which makes you money.  If your clients make you money you need to invest in them.

Why Companies Need Educational Sites

  • Education encourages sales. Information breeds confidence and education is your greatest sales associate.  The more educated your clients are about your product or services the more inclined they are to purchase them.
  • Education encourages repeat business. Your clients need education whether they want it or not.  When you invest in your clients, your clients spend money with you.
    Pop Quiz: What's the most expensive industry and also has the highest loyalty rating?
    Answer: The University System
  • Education encourages word of mouth. Your clients are wonderful people, but they are still people.  And people like to show off.  They like to show others what they know.  When you educate your clients they become teachers.  When your clients become teachers you become the subject.

Invest some time in educating your clients.  In the long run, teaching them what they need to know always yields a higher return than telling them want they want to hear.