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SEO Booster

We can help you optimize your site for search engines by providing the boost you need to get started and tools you'll need to keep going.

With every site we design, we build in a sort of foundation for good Search Engine Optimization.  We follow all the standards supported by Google and Bing, and we structure the site in a way that search engines can easily find and understand.  But, what about when you want to take you SEO to the next level?  We can help you here on two fronts.

The BOOST you need to get started.

  • Google Places registration
  • Meta Data Descriptions
  • xMap Creation
  • AppleTouch Icons
  • Etc.

The TOOLS you need to keep going

  • Social Network share options
  • Facebook or Twitter integration
  • Blog Post topics
  • Etc.

Recent Projects

  • Volunteer Appreciation Program
  • SAPAA Worldwide
  • Moorhead Law Firm
  • R&L Engineering
  • Albany Area Primary Health Care