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3 Free Tools to Blog Better

I wasn't feeling very creative yesterday.  So, I decided to read.  I was tired.  So, I decided to read at a coffee shop.  It was just me, Earl Grey and good book.  I was making some progress through the book, and the author was an absolute genius.  Then the sounds of R2D2 came imitating from my pocket and I knew I must have had a text message.  Sure enough it was a client with grammar questions of all things.  Soon, a colleague who was there also expressed concerns about the improper use of punctuation being used in emails from some of his sales guys.  Then I had a thought.

What if my clients have such a hard time committing to writing blog posts because they are stuck on something simple like punctuation or grammar?  What if I could pinpoint some of those issues and help eliviate them with some free resources?  Here below these questions begin to get answered.  Here are three free resources to help you tackle some of the biggest blogging blocks.

Problem: I Don't Know What to Write

Solution: has provided 50 good blog post topics for small businesses.  Assuming you take a break from your weekly blog for Thanksgiving and Christmas that's a year's worth of blog topics!

Problem: I Don't Want to Say It Wrong


Can't remember if it's i before e or e before i?  Don't know the difference between effect and affect?  Not sure if that sentence needs a comma?  It's OK.  GrammarBase is an instant online grammar checker that can help you out.

Problem: I Don't Have Any Good Photos


People are 70% more likely to click on photos than texts.  They are more likely to read a post with a photo than not.  But you want it to look good. is here to help.  They have a large selection of free stock images to help spruce up your blog posts.

Now, you are without excuse.  Go blog!