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SEO of Bruce Lee

I recently watched a video that reminded me of how great Bruce Lee was.  I mean, seriously ... that man was AMAZING.  I thought to myself, He was easily the greatest martial-artist!  Then I thought, Was he the greatest?  I should google that.  But, then I thought, Wait ... how would Google know that?  Really it's a matter of opinion, right?  Sure Google could tell me who has received the most awards or won the most fights or even made the most money off of martial-arts, but there is an immeasurable quality to greatness, a "gravitas" that you recognize out of appreciation (or mock out of jealousy) when you see it.  Google can't do that!  Or can it?

Does Google Know Who's Best?

That's a pretty important question in the business world.  When people get online to search for a company no one queries "mediocre companies in my area."  People aren't looking for runofthemill quality.  They are looking for the best—at very least the best they can afford.  So, I decided I would help everyone out and do a little experiment.

I googled "who is the greatest martial-arts fighter?"

Not surprisingly, Bruce Lee came out on top.  The results were actually several articles listing the top, greatest, best, etc. and Bruce Lee was number one.  This was almost exclusively true.  One result was actually about the most deadly, and Chuck Norris argued that Jesus Christ is the greatest by virtue of His servitude, but on the whole, it was pretty clear that Google was able to supply the answer "Bruce Lee was the greatest martial-arts fighter."  Good for Google, but that begs a new question.

How Does Google Know Bruce Lee Is the Greatest?

Let me be clear on what this question is not.  The question is not:

  • Was Bruce Lee the greatest?
  • Why was Bruce Lee the greatest?
  • How do people know Bruce Lee was the greatest?

Those are different questions all together, but the last one hits close to home.  Bruce Lee died almost a decade before I was born.  Sure, I'm a big Green Hornet fan, but how do I (or anyone else in my generation) know that Bruce Lee is the greatest?  We know because he is the most acclaimed.  Don't get me wrong; he could back up his accolades.  He WAS the greatest because of his skills, dedication, etc, but we KNOW he was the greatest because everyone talked about him—and still talks about him.  There's our answer: word of mouth.

We know Bruce Lee was the greatest because of word of mouth.  Google knows the same way.  The only difference is, instead of talking about him, people are typing about him.  Google knows Bruce Lee was the greatest because there is page after page after page that talks about him.  There are about 49,300,000+ pages where people talk/type about Bruce Lee.  It's all about word of mouth—digital word of mouth.

How will Google know that you are the best?

This should be ringing close to home now.  If you were to google "best graphic designer in albany ga" I would be surprised if our name did not come up.  Why?  Is it because of our skill, dedication, etc?  No, probably not.  I believe that Kristen and I possess those attributes that truly do make a great company, but Google doesn't know all of that.  Google knows is the best because there is page after page after page that talks about us.  It's real SEO.  It's digital word of mouth.  Why are there so many pages that talk about us?  For starters, this is like blog post number 163.  If you truly want to be seen as the best, if you want to establish yourself as the expert, if you want real SEO ... start blogging.

Google knows Bruce Lee is the best because Bruce Lee has better SEO—that is: he has more content.  Google can't know you are the best unless you've got the content that tells them.  Yes, back up your claim with a great products and phenomenal customer service, but don't forget to make the claim.  Make it every week!  Start a blog and prove you're the best.