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Autumn Backgrounds

Free Autumn Backgrounds design by the Kristen Stevens

Autumn is our favorite season here at DanielTitus.com.  October was a really rough month for us, but we wanted to share "the year's last, loveliest smile" with you none the less.  Here are some backgrounds for your computers and mobile devices.  We hope you enjoy!


Free Summer Backgrounds

Free Summer Backgrounds design by the DanielTitus.com team

It's officially summertime! Although it's felt like Summer since May 1st in Southwest Georgia, the first day of summer wasn't technically until June 21st. In honor of the occasion, we've created summer-themed backgrounds for your iPhone & Desktop! And, if you still have an iPhone 4, not to worry, we've included iPhone 4 versions as well!

Yes, we think about you. We love you. Here's how you get the backgrounds...


3 Free Tools to Help You Blog Better

3 Free Tools to Blog Better

I wasn't feeling very creative yesterday.  So, I decided to read.  I was tired.  So, I decided to read at a coffee shop.  It was just me, Earl Grey and good book.  I was making some progress through the book, and the author was an absolute genius.  Then the sounds of R2D2 came imitating from my pocket and I knew I must have had a text message.  Sure enough it was a client with grammar questions of all things.  Soon, a colleague who was there also expressed concerns about the improper use of punctuation being used in emails from some of his sales guys.  Then I had a thought.