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I thought it might be fun to do a little imaginary Q&A.  I say imaginary, but it's really more like historical fiction.  These are questions that graphic designers are asked over and over.  I can't speak for everyone, but these are the answers that I typically give.

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Techies

With Father's Day coming up on June 16, I thought I would help out all the would-be gift givers who have technology craving fathers in their lives.  My plan was to scour the internet looking for great gift ideas for geeky fathers like myself.  As it turns out, I just had to scour ThinkGeek.  Nonetheless, I still narrowed down and categorized some of what I consider the cream of the crop.  Whether his obsession is Star Wars or Coffee or even Cooking, there is always something techy for dear, old, socially awkward dad.

Best Webdesign Company in Albany and Southwest GeorgiaI'd like to give an enormous thank you to all of my clients (and would-be clients) who have voted the Best Webdesign Company in Albany and the Southwest Georgia area.  This is the first year that the Albany Herald has included the category of webdesign in their Readers' Choice awards.  It might be a sign of the times that this category was included, and we are thrilled to be considered at the top of the field.  Truly great design work can only be done when clients are trusting of their designer.  So, we thank you for giving us not only your business but also your trust and support.

God, in His sovereignty, continues to be very good to us.  May our work glorify Him and bless you!