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I thought it might be fun to do a little imaginary Q&A.  I say imaginary, but it's really more like historical fiction.  These are questions that graphic designers are asked over and over.  I can't speak for everyone, but these are the answers that I typically give.

You use a Mac, right?

Actually, no.  The computers at our office are PCs for many reasons.  Apple has done an excellent job convincing the general public that working on a Mac is the only way to be creative.  The secret, however, is actually in the programs.  It's about the software, not the hardware.  All of the programs I use are available for both Mac and PC.  If my PC ever breaks, I can fix it.  So, I'm sticking with it for now.

What is a Vector image?

A vector image is an image that can be scaled as large or as small as your processor can handle without losing quality.  This can even be done online with SVGs.  They are able to do this because vector technology uses nodes which represent equations rather than pixels.  If an image uses pixel points, it's a raster image.  When a raster image is enlarged beyond it's current size it becomes aliased (or pixelated as some say).

Where do you get inspiration?

I try to get my inspiration from anywhere and everywhere.  There are a few sites that I like to peruse from time to time, but honestly I am struck with inspiration from so many different places.  It's always nice to look for inspiration while out of town or taking a walk through the great outdoors, but often inspiration will come while I'm simply taking a shower.  Inspiration is everywhere!

What is hosting?

Hosting is me holding the contents of your website on my servers so that your customers can see it on their screens.  It's real estate — only instead of leasing space on my land, you are leasing space on my server.  This allows you and your clients to have safe, secure and fast access to your site from anywhere ... hasslefree.

Do you have to do HTML and that stuff?

Yes, I do HTML.  I also work with CSS, PHP, CMS and bunch of other acronyms. When you're a web developer, you have to be proficient in a lot of different areas.  Everyone assumes that you are the guy to get rid of their viruses.  Yes, we can do that, but please don't ask.  I can give you a reference guide if you'd like.

What do you do, anyway?

Really, at the heart of it, I tell stories.  Narrators tell stories with words.  Painters tell stories with images.  I tell stories with those things as well as with layout and functionality.  It's my belief that every good company has a story that they need to tell.  I'm the guy that helps you tell your story in a way that can better reach your clientele.  That's what I do.