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Teaching an Old Site New SEO Tricks

You've got a great business.  You are well established in your community.  You are on the cutting edge of technology (or at least you were).  You were the first to get a website.  Your site sat up on top of the search results for a while.  You were king of the query!  Now, all of these new fangled companies are getting on board with the internet and they are starting to trump your site's ranking.  What is a company to do!?

Not to worry.  You can still teach an old site new SEO tricks.  In fact, Google's own Matt Cutts did a great webmaster video discussing this very thing.  I would like to reiterate and add to some of what he says.  Here are 5 New SEO Tricks for Old Sites.

Take a Fresh Look

You've had a site since Windows '95.  That's great.  When was the last time you looked it over?  Was it in 1995?  The things that were relevant and important to you and your company when you built your site (or last updated it) may not be relevant and important now.  Boyz II Men was in the Top 10 back in 1995 for crying out loud!  Taking a fresh look at your site can be tricky.  You don't need to see it through the eyes of the company owner who knows what's going on.  You need to see it through the eyes of a potential client who has never been there.  What would potential clients' first impression be?  For what would they be looking?

Do Some Recon Work

If your site is being outperformed by some competitors, take look at what those competitors are doing.  You may find that they have a common thread that you are missing.  Try not to mistake causation with correlation or coincidence.  Competitors sites are probably not going to out rank yours because they are blue while your site is green, but you might find they their color schemes are more enticing while yours is somewhat abrasive or dated.  This could increase interaction and have an impact on how a site ranks.

Keep it Coming

If you've been on the top, you probably didn't get there by coasting.  It probably took a lot of hard work.  It will probably take a lot of hard work to stay there too.  So, don't sit back and relax just yet.  Keep the good, compelling content coming.  Always give your clients (and search engines) something new to read or watch or learn.  The more pages you have the better and education is sales.  Add something new to your site every week if you can.  Give everyone a reason to come back.

Be Social

I know that this new fangled social media is for the birds with all of their tweeting and what not.  Back in your day all one had to do was work hard and that was that, right?  Well, not really.  I have mentioned this before (and I need to develop the idea further), but what happens in the digital world is the same thing as what happens in the real world ... only faster.  Here's what I mean.  If back in the day you worked really hard making the best watch you could possibly make and "that was that" you would never sell any watches.  Why?  Because production and marketing are two different things.  Even if you have the best product for the best price you must let people know about it to make a sale.  Your clients must talk about their purchase in order to cause growth.  It's the same in the digital world.  The difference is that the marketing floor has moved from the town squares and malls and department stores to social networks.  Here is where you do your marketing and your customer relations.  Here is where you schmooze.

Rebuild if Necessary

While reading over this post you might be thinking to yourself, I don't even think my website can do that.  Well, you may just need to talk to your web guy and find out what all it can do.  It may, however, be time for something new.  I wrote an article last year giving some indicators that you should upgrade your site.  To stay within our current framework, let me give you a few "tricks" your current website needs to be able to do.

  • Easily Post New Content
  • Share Information on Social Networks
  • Translate to a Mobile Format
  • Generate Leads through Online Forms

If you're website cannot do these things, it can't keep up and it's time for a new one.  If your web guy can't provide something like this and you need some help, we would of course be happy to help.