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Well, the moment we've all been waiting for is finally came last week.  (By we all, I mean the people in my office.)  We launched some of our favorite sites last week.  These are the ones that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.  As a graphic designer you need to avoid ruts.  Cookie cutters are great for deserts, and mass production is great for cars, but when it comes to creative expression and representation this very rarely works for that.  One way to stay on your toes is to accept a wide range of clients.  That's why we create websites for doctors' offices all the way to websites for plantations.  In so doing you will end up emphasizing and utilizing different design techniques.  Even sticking with the same design principles, you will end up with vastly different websites.

So, today I would like to showcase three webdesign tip by looking at these three websites.  Take a look at the websites we've done for an Outdoor Retailer, a Law Office and a Gym.


Ivey's Outdoor in Albany, GAUnity Not Uniformity

It's tough to categorize Ivey's Outdoor and Farm Supply.  That's why they just go by Ivey's.  You can buy medicine for your horse, feed for your cattle, toys for your pets, a deer stand for your hunting trips, clothes for every member of your family or a centerpiece for your dining room table.  Because there is so much variety and because the departments appeal to such different audiences, each page demanded a slightly different feel.  What works for Livestock Management won't work for Women's Clothing.  So, every single page is different.  No one could accuse this site of being too uniform.  However, there is consistency throughout the entire site.  There are no outliers here.  There is a sense of unity between every single page.  The color scheme, overall layout and environment of each page harmonizes.  Different pages; same place.


Moorhead Law Firm Albany, GAContrast as a Key

The attorneys at Moorhead Law Firm exude professionalism in the both the modern and historic sense of the word.  The consistency with which they present and carry themselves and their business is to be commended.  Such a level of congruence must stem from authenticity.  Their website aims to showcase who they are, what they do and convey the passion behind it all.  We used contrast as the key to unlock this enigma.  We stated with the environment itself holding great contrast.  The black and white herringbone is far less subtle than you would usually see.  Then we upped the contrast with the text area.  The copy is darker and the background is lighter than you would often pair.  Once we made this crisp, clean canvas we painted it with bright, bold pictures ... pictures of people.  Your eyes cannot help but be draw to these people.  It is the same way when you meet them in person.


PT Gym Albany, GAHeavy Weights

I've been going to PT Gym for about four months now.  I absolutely love it.  Sure, there are days like today that I honestly just want to go back to bed for the first two hours of my day, but once the workout is over, I am always glad that I've gone.  I am still very impressed with the level of knowledge that the staff has as well as the level of care that they take for each and every patron.  I was so impressed that I added a membership for my wife as well.  She commented after being there a little while that though everyone is very friendly and having a good time, you get a since that they are there for serious business.  Both the patrons and the staff take this thing seriously.  It has a sense of weight to it.  We wanted to convey that in the website as well.  That is why we went with dark colors.  Dark colors tend to add preponderance to a site and help keep it determined and dare I say ... cool.

I hope you like the sites and support the businesses that they represent.  Remember, no two companies are the same.  No two websites should be the same either.