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Now or Later

Act now!  Call today!  Don't wait!  We've all heard the appeal for haste in advertising.  Sometimes an offer is available only for a limited time.  Sometimes it's only while supplies last.  Sometimes it's just because they really want your money.  Every now and then, though, the sooner-rather-than-later concept works in your favor.  Every once in a while it's better to spend your money now.  Updating your company's website is such a case.  I know; I know.  That's a likely story coming from a web developer.  But, I truly believe it is better for your company to update your website now rather than a few years down the road.  I even mentioned last week that one of your business's new year's resolutions should be to "procrastinate less."  Here's why I think it is so important for your company to act now.

It Saves Money

A couple of years ago I spoke with a large company whose marketer told them they needed to update their site.  They didn't see the need, but they talked to me about it anyway.  It was a pretty bad site that really did need to be updated.  So, I looked at all of the work I would need to do to bring their site up to date.  The estimate I sent them was around $2,000.  They felt that updating was not worth that price tag, and they passed.  They contacted me again recently.  Their site had not been changed.  My prices have not changed.  However, to bring their site up to date now would cost them considerably more.  The estimate I sent them this year was to the tune of $10,000.  Time will tell if they will take the offer.

It Saves Face

The reason for the cost difference is a simple matter of technology.  There are universal standards that exist now that didn't exist two years ago.  There are responsive layouts and scalable vector graphics and cross platform compliances that are simply impossible to accomplish on their pre-existing platform.  So, for the past two years their look, their functionality and their technology has fallen further and further behind.  Two years ago they looked like they could use a sprucing up.  Today, they simply look archaic.  An update two years ago would have keep them looking as aggressive and forward thinking as they actually are.

It Saves Value

When you make improvements before you have to, you usually get more bang for your buck.  (I love the phrase.)  When you only make improvements when it is absolutely necessary, you usually end up just getting by.  When you stay ahead of the curve, you look like an early adopter ... maybe even an innovator.  When you fall behind on standards, you look like you simply aren't keeping up.  Look at it this way, when you make an update would you rather people say, "Oooo, look at that!" or "Oh, it's about time!"?

I'll leave you with the somewhat prophetic words I gave them when I first estimated this project.  "You can update now or you can update later.  If you update now it will be because you are progressive.  If you update later it will be because you have to.  But, it's cheaper to do it now."