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SEO Stuff

I've recently been contacted by several clients wanting to talk about, "This SEO Stuff."  I am always thrilled to take these calls because there are some really great things that my clients (and I) can do to better optimize their sites for search engines.  However, these clients are not always thrilled to hear what I have to say.  Few of my clients lie awake in bed at night wondering how they can drive traffic to their sites through search engines.  For some, that's not even on their radar.  However, an SEO matchstick man out there, preying on the uninformed, will blast them with an apocalyptic email "informing" them that their sites doesn't score well.  Panic ensues.

So, I calm them down and do some actual tests on how their site ranks when someone in their service area searches for their industry.  Then we talk about what can be done to help that.  They don't always like what I have to say, but it's the Google's honest truth.

There are no quick fixes to big problems.

If your site is not ranking well in relevant queries, odds are there are several problems that need addressing.  If you are doing 99 things right then 1 wrong thing is not going to keep you from the coveted top position.  It will keep you from ranking well if you are doing 99 things wrong.  And fixing those things will help, but it's going to take some time.  Imagine that your business has a vendor who does absolutely everything wrong.  You would be unlikely to recommend them to anyone.  If they turn a corner and correct all of their issues, it would still take some time for them to regain your trust.

It's all about client engagement.

If you want to optimize your site for a search engine you should optimize your site for your clientele.  (I feel like I've said that before.)  It really is all about engaging your target audience in a way that is compelling and helpful.  According to 95% of web users in America/Canada consider it important for a website to have dynamic and personalized content.  69% say it's extremely important.  Truly effective SEO is not found in some code that gets embedded to the backend of your site.  Truly effective SEO is found in being on the forefront of engaging your clientele.

You can optimize your compelling engagement.

If you've got the important stuff down, there are things you can do to enhance the way your audience, as well as search engines, see and interact with your content and site.  Let's look very briefly at 3 aspects.

  1. Mobile Friendly: Studies show that 52% of users are less likely to engage a company with a poor mobile experience.  48% assume that a poor mobile site means the company is apathetic about their business.
  2. Social Media: With the flood of social data, the rate of return is bound to diminish.  You can stay ahead of the curve by making your shares and posts stand out.  There are lots of ways to do this, but remember that people are 70% more likely to click on pictures than text.
  3. Search Engines: Meta Descriptions can help enhance the way your content appears as a search result.  You can also improve your personal online image with a professional Google Plus page.  You just never know when someone is going to Google you to see if you're legit.

Keep in mind that content is king, and then just make it look good.