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iPhone Apps I LoveLike most people, I was deeply saddened by the death of Steven Jobs.  Like many, I learned of the news on a device created by his company (my iPhone 4).  This post is neither a tribute nor an omage to Steve Jobs.  I don't know his life personally enough, his work intimately enough, nor do I write eloquently enough.  I merely feel it appropriate to publicize some of the mobile application that would not be around if it weren't for Mr. Jobs.  In so doing, I hope to tip my hat, and say thanks.

E-mail AliasIn December of 2010 I mentioned that I think The End of Email as We Know It is coming sooner rather than later. While this may be true (and it seems it is with the permiation of social networks) e-mail continues to play a significant role in our lives and in our businesses. With every new web-client I gain I discuss the benefits of having an alias e-mail account. Though it obviously makes use of e-mails, I think it is part of the trend of decreasing their necessity. Perhaps it's something that you too should consider. Do you need an alias?

I'm going to take a break from the design related posts that I've done in the past and tell you a little story about my childhood.

When I was a kid, our church participated in the RA program.  This involved times of teaching, home/civic activities as well as memorization.  As you might imagine, I excelled at the memorization.  Where as most kids would take no pride in such an achievement, I did. I wasn't good at a lot of things growing up.  I was always the smallest kid; I wasn't athletic in the least, and if I was ever picked it was to be the score keeper.  So, I really enjoyed the Wednesday portion of RAs because we got to recite the things we had memorized.

Until one night ...

There is a common misconception among some web site developers that they (and therefore their clients) must choose between form and function.  They are under the impression that there is a battle of Form vs Function.  I'll admit it; I'm guilty of using this sort of language from time to time, but in my conversations there is a harmonious resolution.  Recently I've had clients want to parse the difference in cost between a site that is functional and one that is cumbersome.  I've even heard of developers who tell their clients they don't need a good looking site so long as it works.  This, I say, is rubbish!

Function doesn't stand opposed to Form.  It fuels it!

You should not ever have to chose between form vs function.  You should have Form + Function.

My wife's been sick.  Now it's my turn.  It's 6:30 a.m., and I've not slept since 7:00 a.m. yesterday.  Salvador Dali is one of my favorite painters because of the wildly creative pictures he would illustrate.  I've been told that in order to achieve this apparition of images, he would stay awake for as long as he possibly could.  He would sit, so I'm told, holding a key above a metal pail.  Upon drifting to sleep his hand would relax, the key would fall striking the pail.  The noise from the pail would awaken him from his nodding, interrupting whatever forced REM sleep was occurring.  Thus, he would have his inspiration!  Whatever he saw in his short-lived dream, he would then paint.

This begs the question: How do sleep and creativity relate?