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I was talking a client recently who was very excited about another one of my sites that she saw.  It was a flash site.  So, I explained to her that recently I try to stay away from flash-based sites.  When we got off of the phone I realized that I've never formally explained why I focus on HTML sites as opposed to flash sites.  That's probably because (albeit subconscious) I really do love flash sites.  I like the way they look; I like the way they move; I like the way they make me feel.  Despite all of that, I stay away from them as much as I can.  And here's why ...

The office layout at Langstaff is conducive for sharing. It makes the perfect work environment to bounce ideas and questions off of one another. So, when something out of the norm occurs, we all relish in the excitement. Well, it happened one day last week.

I am learning more and more the benefit of letting other people do the things they are good at doing.  As tempted as I am to make this post all about what you should let me do, I'm going to take a step back and update you on my new office.  As you might recall from my last update (18 years ago), I made some gigantic wholes in the walls.  Needless to say dust was everywhere.  I set aside some time to clean it up.  I even borrowed two shop vacs to do it, but something would always prevent me from taking the time to ACTUALLY do it.  (It's like yard work in that respect.)  So, finally I agreed to pay someone else to do it for me.  And, BOY am I glad I did.

Several years back I was a the dentist's office.  I wasn't there very long.  The dental hygienist was quick, and I had just brushed my teeth.  The Dentist himself (more or less) just poked his head in the room.  I'm not even sure he bothered putting on gloves. (That's probably not true.)  He said, "Looks good," and he was on his merry way.  This was a fairly typical dental experience: lot of prep-work, very little DMD interaction.  Only this day I forgot I was at the Dentist office and thought I was in a design studio.  So, when I received the outrageous bill, I called the Dentist over.

This week I talked to a former associate (and new client).  He has owned a successful business for years and (on his own accord) realized he needs a website.  So he used a rather popular website builder that offered very easy-to-use features that help you create your own website.  They'll even host it for you for only $5 a month.  No, it doesn't look like a professional built it, but this is really just to establish a web presence.  That's the selling point: it more work and less professional, but it's an inexpensive way to have a web presence.  Right?  Well maybe.  You don't have a web presence if no one can find you on the web.  Pretty soon he called me up asking about SEO because he couldn't find his site ... neither could Google.