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I love going out of town.  A different place with a different look can be so inspirational.  Unfortunately for me, our most recent vacation spot was at the beach where all the graphics on display were either gaudy or cheap.  Nevertheless, inspirations abounded and ideas were conceived.  But heading out of town is not the only means by which one can receive trendy inspiration.  Inspiration is everywhere!  Here are some of my favorite places to find inspiration.

Hi.  I'm Kristen.  I'm the intern.  I immediately got stuck with writing this week's blog post, so I've decided to give you a snapshot of my first week as Daniel's shadow.

I have a digital job in a digital market that is part of a digital world.  We do our work digitally with word processors.  We interact digitally with social networks.  We record our history digitally with blogs.  We even relax digitally with Pandora, NetFlix and iPads.  Even when we slum a little bit we'll put in a CD or DVD ... both digital.  Too seldom do we read from something that isn't glowing, watch something that wasn't rendered or listen to something that can warp or play something that isn't in the form of an app.  Way too seldom do we make things with our hands, something physical, something tangible, something analogue.  In order to combat this, I have started a new project.  (Pictures below.)

I mentioned in an SEO post a while back that people want information.  This is a good enough reason as any to not do certain things (like have a flash site), but it is an even better reason to do certain things.  As always, the indicative drives the imperative.  Studies have indicated that people want information when they go to your website.  Thus, it is imperative that you inform people when they come to your website.  That is what I try to do here.  If there is something you want to know about websites, graphic design or search engine optimization I want to be your first stop.

My office now sits next to a great little flower shop called The Flower Gazebo.  (You should really check it out.)  It is owned by a wonderful couple (currently letting me gank their internet).  The Flower Gazebo, though you'd never know it, makes a great case study for advertising.  Is that because they do such great ad work?  No.  To be honest, I don't think they do much of any.  They make an excelent case study because they, by virtue of their skill and trade, are poised to be what we all need to be ... wanted.