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In a way it's true: Google Hates Farmers, but not those of the agricultural persuasion.  What Google doesn't like are Scrapers ... but few people have a soft-spot in their hearts for scrapers of any kind.  Back in March of 2011 Google implemented a new algorithm hoping to give less weight to scraper sites.  Many people in the web community feel that this was not very effective.  Google decided to take it personally (in a good way).  Matt Cutts, head of Webspam for Google, even tweeted a request for scraper sites that you see in search results.  The second sweep is on it's way.

So why does Google dislike Scraper Site?  Come to think of it, what are they, and what could they possibly do about them?

Big is Back“Big is back?  I didn’t know it went anywhere.”  Well it did, and it’s back!  But don’t think that just because you missed its departure you can sleep through its return as well.  It’s back, but it’s a little different than before.

Let's face facts.  It can be pretty difficult to deal with us creative types.  We get even more obstreperous when we happen to own a business.  At times the external constrains are just too much when added to the internal conflicts.  We must be both artist and geek, both maker and manager.  Add on a client who won't give you the creative freedom you desire nor the professional courtesy you demand and you've got a recipe for disaster!  So what do you do when it seems that you and your designer will never see eye to eye?  Well, I don't really know ... I'm a designer.

Truth be told, I don't know the right way to handle things.  That's why I tell people to get a marketer!

Just for fun, here are some tips on how to deal with your designer.

Game Frame

The Prize:

I've been wanting this book for a couple of months now.  So, I decided to buy it.  While I was at it, I decided to share it with you too ... well, at least one of you.  That's right, one of my lucky readers gets a free book (of ... my choice).  Seriously though, it's going to be a good book!  Game Frame by Aaron Dignan delves into the inner workings of games and our obsessions with them.  He takes these analysises and applies them to the work ethic of the everyday worker.  That's right; more play means better work.

How to Visit a WebsiteThough seemingly a bit rudimentary I think this will be very useful to consider.  Sure, these steps are extremely intuitive, but the act of (and actions associated with) visiting a website have become so ubiquitous that we never take the time to think about them contemplatively.  If everyone knows that visiting websites entails certain universal steps how does your business's website address each step?  When people take the appropriate steps to visit a website, do they arrive at your site?  Do they stay there?  Do they care what you have to say?  In order to answer these questions, let's start from the beginning and learn how to visit a website.