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How to Visit a WebsiteThough seemingly a bit rudimentary I think this will be very useful to consider.  Sure, these steps are extremely intuitive, but the act of (and actions associated with) visiting a website have become so ubiquitous that we never take the time to think about them contemplatively.  If everyone knows that visiting websites entails certain universal steps how does your business's website address each step?  When people take the appropriate steps to visit a website, do they arrive at your site?  Do they stay there?  Do they care what you have to say?  In order to answer these questions, let's start from the beginning and learn how to visit a website.

I'm speaking at the Emerge Luncheon this month, but I decided to make this information available on here as well.  I thought about titling this How to Use Your Logo and Website to Tell a Story of Your Brand With Which Your Target Audience Will Identify.  I figured that was too long of a title so I settled on Show and Tell.  As I mention in the About Me portion of my website, being a story teller is a big part of who I am, and telling stories is a big part of what I do.  Traditionally when we think of story tellers we think that they merely use words.  This, of course, is not the case.  True story tellers use words, to be sure, but they also use infliction, expressions, movements, illustrations, audience participation and all sorts of extra-vernacular devices.  When it comes to telling the story of your brand it is no different.  I specialize in using graphics (particularly websites) to tell the story of your brand.

I mentioned in an SEO post a while back that people want information.  This is a good enough reason as any to not do certain things (like have a flash site), but it is an even better reason to do certain things.  As always, the indicative drives the imperative.  Studies have indicated that people want information when they go to your website.  Thus, it is imperative that you inform people when they come to your website.  That is what I try to do here.  If there is something you want to know about websites, graphic design or search engine optimization I want to be your first stop.

Whether you are the successful business owner, the ambitious entrepreneur, the stay at home mom or the novas socialite odds are you will need to start a website at some point.  If it's worth doing it's worth doing well, it's worth doing with all of your heart.  So, you pour your heart into your business or ideas or kids or relationships, but how in the world do you convey all of that on a web site?  How does doing any of that benefit you?  Whether you are paying a professional or doing it yourself here are 5 simple steps to get you started on the great site you know you need.