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When Your Website Doesn't Look Like You

Have you ever searched for a familiar business online to check out their website? I'd be willing to bet we all have at some point. Here's how the process typically goes: You type the business name into a Google search, scroll down the query until you see what appears to be the business you are looking for, click to follow the link, wait for the site to load, and then a feeling of uncertainty passes over you. "Is this really their website?"

The Power and Problem of Analytics

I have recently been doing analytic word for more clients that usual.  At first I thought that people were finally starting to heed the website advice I've been giving for years.  I thought that these were efforts to raise their own awareness about how their site was performing so they could help it better serve it's purpose.  I fear, however, that many have a skewed view of the value behind analytics.  This will likely be the case when you don't understand the true purpose of a website.

The Internet is Shrinking

The internet really is shrinking.  No, it's not becoming less popular, and it's certainly not less populated.  In fact, it's brimming and almost ubiquitous.  It is, nonetheless, shrinking.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that we, as end users, are limiting our personal web across this wide world.  Sure, we still want a few strands to range 'round the globe (just in case we need them), but for the most part, we are viewing fewer sites more frequently.  We are concentrating our browsing and our loyalty to just a few sources.

The Woes of Facebook Based Business

With over 1 billion users, Facebook is undoubtedly the most commonly used Social Media avenue. Millions of people interact on Facebook daily, even hourly, creating lots of traffic and lots of opportunities to promote business. Good business leaders know that the most strategic place to be is where the people are, and Facebook is certainly a nice spot. However, is Facebook the best place to run all of your online business?