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Honest Business Image

I am always telling people, "Trust your designer."  Even if your designer is not me, trust your designer.  However, it occurred to me recently that not all designers are honest.  Not all creative people are honest about who they are or what kind of work they do or what kind of price they charge or ... whatever.  It's shocking; I know.  There are creative professionals who claim to care about content but just wow everyone with bells and whistles.  There are those who claim to specialize but undercut every dog walker in town just to get a job.  They are not honest about what kind of a business they run.  So, what is my advice to those who have a designer (or other creative professional) who is not honest?  This is not something I say often because I think that one's work should speak for itself, but my advice is this.  If you your creative professional is not honest fire him, and hire one you can trust.

I recently came across an article that The Conversation put out almost a year ago.  I loved the article almost by the title alone, "Why some kids can't spell and why spelling tests won't help".  I'm a terrible speller—just awful!  So, I was looking forward to some great discovery about why.  Secretly I was hoping for some definitive proof that I am a genius because I can't spell.  As it turns out there was no really definitive answer to the question at all, but it is possible that I wasn't taught well.

What Small Business Owners Need to Know About Web Design

As I work on designing websites for many different types of businesses, I often come up against the same issues.  Regardless of the industry, there are a few things that every small business owner needs to know about their company website.  The way I see it, these things break down into four areas: Form, Function, Format and Information.

How to Write Copy for a Website

It can be a daunting task to write copy for your website.  You have known your business so well for so long that it is completely ingrained in you.  Everything there is to say just sort of goes without saying.  It can be difficult to remove yourself and figure out what actually needs to be said.  Below I have listed five steps that will hopefully be helpful when you write copy for a website ... or anything else for that matter.